The NFT, or Non Fungible Token (non-interchangeable tokens) is a technology based on the “smart contracts” of cryptocurrencies. These are tamper-proof contracts of your purchase, a sort of digital title deed that attests to the uniqueness of your property.

An NFT can never be modified, adjusted or stolen, thanks to the principles of cryptography that make it unique.

An NFT is therefore a unique piece, such as a painting, a house or a trading card, for example. Although a painting, for example, can be copied or photographed, the original remains the original, and replicas do not have the same value.

The NFTs that I offer are images of paintings, which will allow you to receive the original work. They will therefore serve as an unfalsifiable certificate of authenticity for a unique work.

You will find here listed my works available in NFT on

By purchasing the Non-Fungible Token of the work, you also receive the original work, without additional shipping costs. Each NFT contains a secret code and an email address, which will allow me to verify that you are indeed the buyer of the NFT. We can then make contact and prepare the reception of your physical work.

Please note that the current situation may not allow me to send the package as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me using the form on the Contact page.

Collection A week in color

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